Nutrient Combo CaliMag+Sil Power+Amino Acid+Humas+GEOWEED Each Bottal 500 Ml

Nutrient Combo: CaliMag+Sil Power+Amino Acid+Humas+GEOWEED (Each Bottal 500 Ml)

US$ 13.43

1) CaliMag 500 ML CaliMag is a concentrated blend of readily available Calcium and Magnesium. It is formulated to assist fast growing plants by preventing secondary nutrient deficiencies. CaliMag helps optimize plant nutrition and enhances plant growth and development while preventing blossom end rot and tip burn in many crops such as tomatoes and lettuce as well as other Calcium intensive plants. 2) Sil Power 500 ML 10% Silicon, K2O 6 to 7%, Qty 500 ML. Sil Power delivers the benefits of Silica and Potassium; increased plant strengthening and stress resistance leading to increases in agricultural production (yield). Beneficial in hydroponics, Coco-Coir and soilless blends, potted plants in prepared soils as well as for garden cultivation. May be used as a growth enhancer in addition to your regular fertilizers. Use mild solution for young plants, perennials, and as a foliar spray. Use full strength solution for fast growing annuals during foliar and structural growth, as well as flowering and fruit production. Silica benefits: Strengthens plants, improving plant stature which leads to advantageous exposure of leaves to light. Improves stress resistance, drought tolerance, heat and cold stress tolerance. Potassium benefits: Improves plant growth including structural and foliar growth, increases yield, improves flower and fruit production. 3) Amino Acid 500 ml INCREASES CROP YIELD & QUALITY: Amino acids that contribute to their faster and more efficient absorption of nutrients by the plant. It improves the taste of fruits and vegetables, increases yields, and improves quality. INCREASES PLANT IMMUNITY: Stress such as high temperature, low humidity, frost, pest attack, and floods have a negative effect on plant metabolism with a corresponding reduction in plant quality. The application of amino acids before, during, and after the stress, conditions supplies the plants with amino acids which are directly related to stress physiology and thus has a preventing and recovering effect. DIRECTION FOR USE: Use Extra as an additive supplement or as a foliar spray. For Light Feeding, Add 1ml / 1L & for Heavy Feeding, Add 2ml / 1L to your nutrient solution. Reduce nutrient strength if plants show signs of stress, or if growing in very bright, hot or dry environments. 4) Humas (Humic Acid + Fulvic Acid) 500 ml Humas is a natural plant growth ( Humic acid + Fulvic acid ) supplement that helps plants establish vibrant, vigorous root systems. Humas is outstanding for seedlings and cuttings as well as all phases of plant growth. Use Humas with all types of Hydroponic Nutrients also suitable for all types of hydroponic systems. Humas is suitable for plants growing in all kinds of garden soils and potting mixes. Works with all plant foods Usage: For Light Feeding: 1ml per Ltr For Heavy feeding: 2ml Per Ltr Repeat every 15 Days. 5) GEOWEED (Seaweed +Amino Acid) 500 ml Each pack contains 500 ml powerful unique combination of Seaweed extract + Amino acid + Activator. Geoweed is a plant and soil vitality booster featuring a blend of seaweed and Amino acids that encourages thriving growth of roots, stems, foliage and Absorbsan of Calcium, Increase Beneficial Microbiol growth in Root zone area. It is suitable for all Other Nutrients and All type of Hydroponic system, Light Feeding: 1 ml per ltr of Hydroponic nutrient and Heavy feeding 2 ml per Ltr of Hydroponic Nutrient, Repeat application every 15 days.

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