On-Site & Online Training

Are you looking to run a hydroponic system?

Our course will give you a full walkthrough of everything you need to know to be the master of Hydroponic farming.
Radongrow brings you online training courses into Hydroponic Framing. With us, you can learn what hydroponically farming is? Benefits of having it? How one can start Hydroponic Farming from scratch and how to establish a business with Hydroponic Framing.
Join the course from the comfort of your home, at a time of your choice. Select the courses that interest you the most.

Was it ever your childhood dream to have your own farm, then now it's time to complete it?

With Radongrow, enroll yourself in an online training course on Hydroponic farming and grow fresh vegetables at your home. We bring you a simple and authentic way to turn your free time into something exciting and beneficial for the environment. Cover every single detail about Hydroponic farming and garden by yourself!!!

What you will get to learn about:

  • Development conscience surrounding food issues
  • Parameters of nutrients, calcium
  • Seed germination and Farming methods in hydroponic systems
  • Environmental choices, Selection of site, and how to get best yields
  • Administration of hydroponic system
  • High Nutritional value of produce

Radongrow believes in putting lessons into practice right away. Hence our online training session is the answer to all your questions. We elaborate and talk about each essential equipment that is necessary for Hydroponic farming, including how to maintain the proper water supply, when and how to give nutrients, how to keep them safe from pests and many other things.

On-Site (Offline) & Online Hydroponic Training ( IN HINDI).

On-Site (Offline) & Online Hydroponic Training ( IN HINDI).

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(हाइड्रोपोनिक ) बिना मिटटी की खेती की तालीम ( On-Site & Online zoom meetings)

समय : 10:00 to 18:00

स्थान : (On-Site & Online Training)

निचे दिए गए विषय ट्रेनिंग के दौरान कवर किया जाएगा।

  1. वनस्पति विज्ञान.
  2. फसल के मुख्य प्रकार.
  3. पौधों का जीवन चक्र.
  4. हाइड्रोपोनिक.
  5. हाइड्रोपोनिक और मिट्टी में खेती की तुलना.
  6. जैविक खेती.
  7. हाइड्रोपोनिक केसे शुरू करे.
  8. हाइड्रोपोनिक प्रणाली के प्रकार: (जिवंत प्रदर्शन)
  9. पोषक द्रावण (हाइड्रोपोनिक न्यूट्रीयन्ट ).
  10. हाइड्रोपोनिक के लिये पानी की गुणवत्ता.
  11. हाइड्रोपोनिक और पीएच / टीडीएस.
  12. आक्सीजिनेशन
  13. पानी का तापमान.
  14. माध्यम.
  15. हाइड्रोपोनिक में खेत की देखभाल केसे करे.(क्या करे और क्या ना करे )
  16. रोजाना देखभाल.
  17. हाइड्रोपोनिक में सही और गलत.
  18. Commercial Setup cost
  19. Subsidy and Loan
  20. Sales and Marketing.
  21. Project Report
  22. सवाल और जवाब. ( Every Day)
  23. लाइव प्रदर्शन ( Online).

(Hydroponic) On-Site & Online ZOOM Meetings

Location : (On-Site & Online Training)

Topics will be cover during Training.

  1. Plant morphology.
  2. Major types of crops.
  3. The life cycle of plants. 
  4. Hydroponics.
  5. Hydroponics VS Soil less Farming.
  6. Organic Farming.
  7. How to Start Hydroponics.
  8. Type of Hydroponic Systems.
  9. Hydroponic Nutrient.
  10. Water quality in hydroponics. 
  11. pH /TDS of water. 
  12. Oxygenation.
  13. Temperature.
  14. Substrate.
  15. Day to day care of the farm.
  16. Checklist for day to day operations.
  17. Do and don’t for hydroponics.
  18. Commercial Setup Cost.
  19. Operation and Management cost.
  20. Subsidy and Loan.
  21. Sales and Marketing
  22. Project Report Details.
  23. Question and answer.
  • Registration Fees is non-transferable / non-refundable.
  • Certificate of Participation will be given.
  • For any further information please contact us on 72020 41100

    FAQ's Online Training

    Which Crops I can grow with Hydroponic farming?

    One could grow any crop with Hydroponic Farming. But, economically viable crops are vegetables, herbs & flowers. One could grow Tomato, Spinach, Lettuce, Bell Pepper, Cucumber, Strawberries, Water Melon, Potato, Onion, Turmeric, etc. with Hydroponic Farming.

    Can I use Hydroponic to grow root vegetables?

    Yes, one can very well grow root vegetables in Hydroponic Farming and it’s not expensive. If you look at yield & quality, the cost will come out to be lesser than traditional farming.

    Is it true that Pesticides are NOT used in Hydroponic Farming?

    Well, this is not true, even Hydroponic Plants get attacked by pests, thus they do require pesticides, but if proper methods are used, one can minimize or even eliminate the use of pesticides. We at RADONGROW believe in using preventive methods to avoid pesticides and to use organic pesticides only if needed.

    Is Hydroponic Farming Expensive?

    Hydroponic Farming is not always expensive. Yes, there a capital cost involved, but due to the flexibility, which soilless farming has to offer, you can make the basic setup at a very small cost. You can very well use unconventional methods like water bottles, buckets, drums, poly sheets, etc. to set up your hydroponic system and grow greens. Such a system won’t cost you much and could very well give you similar results as a sophisticated system. Just that one needs to make sure that the conditions of setup are satisfied. Connect with RADONGROW to identify the setup which suits your budget.

    Is Hydroponic Farming Organic?

    Hydroponic farming is considered organic in the US. With that one could ask how Hydroponic farming is organic when salts are used in Hydroponic, then we need to understand that a Calcium is Calcium & Nitrogen is Nitrogen, it doesn’t matter from where it came. In Hydroponic farming, only essential pant Nutrients are provided in the required proportion. No harmful elements or compounds are added to the plants which could lead to health issues.

    What RADONGROW does in Education?

    RADONGROW provides Online Interactive Hydroponic training with Practical to school kids to make them capable of growing healthy greens on their own. Connect with us to make your children learn Hydroponic Farming with a customized plan that has a high success rate with minimum efforts.

    What is Customized Hydroponic Kitchen Garden?

    RADONGROW helps you in setting up a Customised Hydroponic Kitchen Garden, i.e. based on your inputs of available space, available water, vegetable needs of your family, and your budget, a custom hydroponic garden will be designed which will be capable of giving you healthy greens throughout the year.

    Can I setup commercial hydroponic farm on my terrace?

    Yes, it is possible to setup a commercial farm on your terrace. Connect with us for a customised solution.

    I am rural farmer, I don’t want to put lot of capital, can I do commercial hydroponic Farming?

    Yes, RADONGROW is here to help you in setting up affordable commercial farms. Connect with us and we will develop a customised working solution for you.

    On-Site & Online Training

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